Get Offer-Ready.

CivCom is a small, veteran-run nonprofit with a big goal. By 2021, we want all service-families (servicemembers and spouses) to have a job before leaving the military. This prevents all new cases of veterans’ unemployment and benefits veterans, business, and country.

Our mentoring program replicates civilian recruiting and turns service-families into competitive job candidates. After a service-family becomes “offer-ready”, we connect them to Human Resources. We’re bringing the best interview preparation resources to service-families so that they can become the best job candidates.

As a start, we’re providing all service-families complimentary access to; which is used by the top university career offices and was called “CliffsNotes for Careers” by Forbes Magazine. Service-families have unlimited access to learn all they can while they can. Start now.

How to Find Fulfilling Work video
How to Find Fulfilling Work
By The School of Life

We also recommend watching The School of Life’s 5 minute video for 6 tips on How to Find Fulfilling Work. The goal is to identify what work you consider fulfilling, who will pay you to do it, and convince them that you are the best candidate.

CivCom is ready to help you transition to the civilian career you want. Are you?